Empowering Consumers with Data-Driven
E-commerce Technologies

About us

Roundforest is helping consumers worldwide discover relevant products and make better shopping decisions.

We remove the guesswork out of performance and product optimization by adopting data analysis and predictive analytics technologies.

Building products with scale and performance in mind:

Data Platforms

Robust data collection infrastructure compatible with diversified structured and unstructured sources, allowing efficient analytical layer activity.


User interface that enables obstacle free purchase path, allowing smooth interaction and better decision making for consumers.


Consumer solutions that are developed with the existing ecosystem in mind and strive to improve the greater whole.

We're Hiring!

Available Positions:

Head of R&D

Job Description

Orchestrating Roundforest’s technology development reporting.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Manage and grow a team of 30 skilled Web developers, Data scientists, Software, Data, QA & DevOps engineers.

  • Build the R&D roadmap.

  • Architecture design of various Machine learning/Big-Data/Web-Development solutions.

  • Ensuring services are delivered to internal groups and external partners according to predefined SLA.

  • Defining and leading Roundforest's R&D culture & processes.

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:
  • 3 years experience of managing web development teams of 10 people minimum.

  • +1 Large scale web applications development. Experience with RoR/Django/Spray is an advantage.

  • SaaS oriented micro-service architecture (Java/Scala/Closure). Experienced with one or more of the following - Akka/Kafka/RabbitMQ/Storm/Spark. .

  • Operational Big Data system development. Experience with one or more of the following: Cassandra, DynamoDB, BigQuery, Redshift, CouchDB, PostgresXL.

  • Implementing large scale cloud system with a cost effective mindset.

  • Implementing predictive-analytics solutions. Experience with one or more of the following - Machine Learning: R, RapidMiner, Weka, Neural Networks, RandomForest is an advantage.

  • Ability to build, mentor and motivate R&D teams and team leaders.

  • Superb business understanding and ability to prioritize accordingly. Superb understanding of data structures and performance optimization.

  • Curious about the latest technological trends.

  • Ability and willingness to go hands-on and solve problems quickly if needed.

  • Constantly seeking to gain responsibility and ownership.

Business Line Owner

Job Description

The business line owner has complete ownership over a B2C Product, setting up the strategy with the management, constructing product roadmaps, building and managing the team, researching marketing channels, analysing user behavior, overseeing product development and reaching P & L objectives. The ideal candidate will have exceptional project management, business, marketing, analytical, technical and leadership skills. Additionally, s/he will desire to work in an entrepreneurial ,dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Building & Leading your business unit to reach P & L targets.
  • Product Road mapping. Leverage market analysis, strategic priorities, and customer research to define the roadmap. Translate product strategy into detailed requirements, use cases and prototypes.
  • Project Management. Manage the product team, including R&D, Design, UX, etc. in an Agile development process.
  • Product Marketing. Oversee the Product Marketing efforts, including hands-on analysis for existing activity, exploration of new marketing channels and manual campaigns management (channels such as: AdWords, FB ads, Taboola, etc.). Be in charge of the Product Communication (PR, Community, etc.).
  • Funnel Optimization. Analyzing quantitative data and translating it into insights and actions in order to increase conversion rates

Skills & Requirements

Product\Marketing Analyst - Jerusalem Office

Job Description

The Product\Marketing Analyst will identify & implement growth opportunities based on analytic insights. The ideal candidate will be driven by challenges as we want him to take our conversion optimization efforts to the next level. Additionally, we are looking for a "get things done" person who knows how to communicate in a dynamic and high pace environment.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Manage online advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tabolla and more
  • Use innovative thinking and tools to optimize campaign performance
  • Design, develop and launch A/B testing activities
  • Shape the design and implementation of new landing pages
  • Optimize the new customer onboarding experience
  • Collaborate with the product manager, by maintaining an open communication channel and and presenting willingness to learn

Skills & Requirements


  • Strong analytic skills
  • Fluent communication in English
  • Experience in online marketing (with focus on conversion optimization)- advantage
  • Experience with A/B testing tools (Google Analytics, Optimizely and etc.) – advantage
  • Basic design & HTML skills - advantage
  • Online experience with B2C - advantage

Administrative Assistant

Job Description

Supporting the company’s Management with all administrative matters

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Booking flights, schedule meetings, calendar management, Coordinating conference calls etc’.

  • Conducting the CEO’s personal errands

  • Preparation of reports, presentations meeting summaries and emails

Skills & Requirements

  • Previous experience as a PA is an advantage

  • Motivated to grow to a Project manager position

  • Incredible organizational and time managements skills.

  • Detail oriented

  • Quick learner and curious

  • Ability to build, mentor and motivate R&D teams and team leaders.

  • Great communication skills in both Hebrew & English

  • Independant and able to make decisions under minimum supervision

Data Engineer

Job Description

You will be in charge of creating datasets for various large predictive analytics solutions, and performing code performance optimisations for real-time/Batch processing units. .

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Creating data sets for Predictive Analytics solutions

  • Integration with external data sources

  • Optimising NoSQL/SQL/R/Python code

  • Designing and executing big data solutions

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

Big Data Team Lead

Job Description

You will be in charge of developing real time predictive analytics operational Big Data system that process and emits 100 Millions of requests every hour.

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Design, engineer and implement in data platforms

  • Own and establish Engineering Frameworks for Big Data

  • Being the proactive and technical point person for the data platform end to end

  • Lead by example coaching and mentoring those of your peers and mentoring less experienced team members

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

Data Science Team Leader

Job Description

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Mentor and train junior- level analysts

  • Suggest and develop innovative analytic methods that result in a technically superior product and/or create a competitive advantage, as well as meet design requirements and project timeline

  • Lead research, evaluation, and recommendation of internal and external data sources and coordinate with data resources

  • Serve as the senior technical expert for leadership on data cleansing, variable creation, variable transformation, etc., as well as best-practices in the creation of analytic datasets

  • Serve as the consummate technical expert in model development and validation analyses - from driving pragmatic practice of methods to devising novel solutions and diagnostic measures, to coaching and mentoring junior staff

  • Act as senior technical expert in development and execution of methods to address needed business diagnostics; review, and aid productization and deployment

  • Provide significant input to Product Management on implementation specifications and production testing

  • Act as senior technical expert to develop process and metrics to monitor model performance

  • Review reports and make recommendations for needed model refits / enhancements

  • Keep abreast of business trends / product needs

  • Research literature to stay current on technical methods to solve specific problems

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

Data Scientist

Job Description

Develop and implement top notch online media buying (PPC) and eCommerce site optimization algorithms.

If you are:

  • Quick, Sharp and Highly intelligent
  • Passionate about Data and Statistics
  • Creative, love problem solving with good business understanding
  • Independent and accountable
  • A Doer, love to get things done, fast
  • Detail oriented, no end-case slips away
  • Fun person, enjoy working in teams

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Implement optimization and machine learning techniques on complex ad tech problems, e.g. maximizing revenue or classifying target audiences
  • Optimize conversion funnel according to statistical models and data driven analysis.
  • Develop efficient, testable, scalable, and well-documented code

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

  • 3+ years relevant work experience
  • 2+ years of hands on coding sustainable Predictive Analytics Systems
  • 2+ years of BI/SQL Development(PG is a plus), including performance tackling
  • Developed sustainable data collection system (3rd party integration, crawling)
  • Deep knowledge in predictive modeling, data mining, machine learning, classification & clustering, statistical modeling and information gains
  • Statistical Programming (Matlab, R, Python, Julia)
  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in Computer Science/Mathematics/Statistics or other quantitative discipline

A big advantage-

  • SEM/Display/Social auctioning and bidding algorithms experience


  • NLP/Text analysis experience
  • Non - Relational DB Experience

Server Side Developer

Job Description

Developing the backend of Roundforest’s B2C websites supporting millions of users.

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Architecting, designing and developing Roundforest’s applications backend

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

Front End Developer

Job Description

Developing the frontend of Roundforest’s B2C websites supporting millions of users.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Javascript implementations

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

PPC Account Manager

Job Description

You will be responsible for running and optimizing large-scale PPC campaigns for user acquisition and conversions. Your main objectives will include developing campaigns strategy, creatives testing and performing analysis and performance reporting.

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Setting, optimizing and scaling Google & Bing ads campaigns in order to achieve company's goals.

  • Analyze campaign performance based on ROI and other revenue model.

  • Generate weekly / monthly performance reports for all major metrics, goals tracking, revenue tracking, and other KPI'S

  • Be the domain of the PPC initiatives in the company.

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

BI Engineer

Job Description

RoundForest is seeking a seasoned BI Engineer to lead design and implementation of Big Data warehousing platform. You will support several projects simultaneously and design, model and develop end to end data pipelines and data integration processes that lead to Big Data Analytics. Successful applicants will be energetic team players who have a proven analytical background with a web media or consumer-based online company.

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Lead the design and development of scalable data pipelines and data Integration processes from disparate source systems

  • Help plan and maintain the technical infrastructure, its configuration, performance, and storage requirements, with consideration of tiered data and data archiving

  • Work with DevOps and cross functional teams to plan upgrades and any maintenance to our data platform

  • Effectively work with Data Science, BI, ETL and other cross functional teams to identify the best data solution

  • Mentor junior developers, perform code reviews, and help establish best practices

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

Senior UI\UX Designer

Job Description

As a UI\UX Designer you will be responsible for Roundforest’s products design and branding.

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

Automation Software Developer

Job Description

The Automation Developer will be responsible for the full flow of the automated testing process, from individual features to products or projects as a whole. It includes Product requirements understanding, automated test process planning, design and implementation of planned scenario, tests execution, bugs, and test results.

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Developing automated tools for various applications and services: server side, web services, API, client side, monitoring tools

  • Planning & designing automated tools, executing and reporting test results

  • Work with the development teams

Skills & Requirements

The kind of Skills and experience we’re looking for:

DevOps Engineer

Job Description

The DevOps Engineer will work side by side with the engineering development teams and be primarily responsible for developing tools and automation for the administration of our revenue-generating SaaS application running on hundreds of servers. Classic system administration and on-call participation are also part of this job. We are looking for someone that can bridge the gap between dev and ops and help define tools, systems, and processes. This role will help provide a tech ops perspective on story pick-ups and help facilitate tasks needed to keep the runway clear for new code.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Take part in efforts for automation, continuous deployment, and global configuration management
  • Contribute to planning efforts for disaster recovery, capacity expansion, component upgrading, and system hardening
  • Day-to-day management of the primary revenue-generating, customer-facing application environments
  • Research new promising tools and technologies, and ways to more elegantly/ efficiently solve problems
  • Produce and maintain voluminous documentation on installations, incidents, and procedures
  • Participate in on-call rotation

Skills & Requirements