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Ramat Gan


We are Roundforest. Our mission is to simplify shopping. We’re a bootstrapped B2C product company in the e-commerce world that has grown to 40M visitors per month & millions in annual revenue.

We’re looking for an experienced front end developer who can help us develop technology and products that simplify the shopping experience for consumers. This is a unique opportunity to be part of an organization that has the resources and scale of an established company and the energy, impact, and team size of an early-stage startup.

In this role you will

  • Work as a frontend developer in an empowered product team that integrates product, design, and engineering, where everybody has a chance to affect the product.
  • Develop products that have tens of millions of users and where each change has real impact.
  • Work closely with competent engineers in teams that value professionalism in all its aspects: clean code, code reviews, tests, CI, frequent deploys, and monitoring in production.
  • Be part of a development environment that, for once in your life, works professionally.


  • 3+  years of experience in frontend development
  • Passionate about building great products with beautiful UX in a professional environment.

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Yonatan Loewidt

Yonatan Loewidt

“Harmonic teamwork is art. It’s beautiful. I see it as my role to facilitate the harmony within the team.”