Leveraging Technology to Empower Consumers

 Commerce Content is transforming the way people buy, brands sell and digital publishers earn. 

Roundforest empowers consumers by simplifying their research and enabling more informed shopping decisions using advanced data technology. 


Roundforest was founded in 2014, with the vision to bridge the current gap between commerce and content, using advanced data and machine learning technologies. 


We developed a unique tech suite to generate and optimize Commerce-Content at unprecedented levels of scale and automation.

We developed a vast portfolio of shopping assistance websites, that gained a leading market position, serving the world's largest retailers and empowering consumers to make smarter purchase decisions.

We partner with selected publishers, offering commerce solutions to create and monetize Commerce Content at scale.

The Global Leader of

Commerce Monetization


Our Tech Solutions Maximize Your Business Effectiveness


Covering the entire long tail of products  and user intent in real time


Adjusting the funnel to maximize value per each product and each user type


Minimizing manpower needs and increasing accuracy & real-time response


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